Patrik and his Speedster

Only 7000 of these cars were made, and this is a story how number 460 is getting a new life. Found on Ricardo, this yellow Opel speedster was run into the ground but was found by Patrik. Enthusiastic and passionate about Opel Speedster, he decided to tear it apart, right down to every nut and bolt and restore this rare go cart like sports car. A short 22 minute story that accompanies Patrik on his mission, witnesses his experience, the passion andthe obstacles that are part of restoring a classic modern beauty.


The Global Cities: Toronto a World in a city

Together with independent international TV producer, Wilzon Ruiz from MSD-global ( ) C-it Productions is co-producing the remake of the television show " Global Cities " that was aired in more then 30 countries in 2001. "Global Cities " focuses on the immigration and Intergration in different cities around the World. The first City to be filmed in is Toronto, Canada. A hub and leader in Multiculturism. Following 4 main Characters that have made it there life work to deal and help immigration to become more accepted and tolerated.


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Filming will start at the end of 2016 early 2017.

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